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TRIVIA: Melissa McCarthy's husband, Ben Falcone, was attached to the project before she was. He recommended her for the lead when another actor backed out.

A pile of Lee Israel books ("Beyond the Magic", an unauthorized biography of Estée Lauder) are shown on sale at a bookstore for 75% off. Lauder was publishing her own memoirs and initially tried to pay Israel *not* to write her book, but she refused and rushed her book to publication. The autobiography was released in October 1985 and Israel's biography one month later. The book buying public chose to buy the Lauder autobiography rather than the Israel biography. Lee Israel later said she regretted not taking the money when it was first offered.

Although he portrays an alcoholic, Richard E. Grant is allergic to alcohol.

Julianne Moore was attached to this project during early development. She removed herself from the project due to creative differences.

Melissa McCarthy's first portrayal of real-life person.



How the infamous McDonald's hot coffee lawsuit and similar cases were exploited as part of a right wing crusade to weaken civil justice.



TRIVIA: British choreographer and movement coach Polly Bennett worked painstakingly with Rami Malek to perfect every nuance of Freddie's mannerisms. Every eye glance, every body turn, every cocky strut on stage and every flick of the microphone had to be just right.

Queen guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor performed the rock arrangement of the 20th Century Fox fanfare.

Rami Malek sent a video of himself singing to Queen. When he finally met them, they hadn't watched it because it hadn't been downloaded properly. Rami saw firsthand their reaction to his singing.

On The Late Show with Stephen Colbert: Mike Myers/Christiane Amanpour (2018), Mike Myers said that during the making of Wayne's World (1992), he insisted that the song he and his friends listen to while driving would be "Bohemian Rhapsody". The producers felt it wouldn't be appropriate. Myers stood his ground, eventually threatening to quit the movie. Myers got his way, the movie became a huge hit, and the song reentered the charts, peaking at at #2 in the United States. The movie was credited for introducing Queen to a new audience. Myers also said that when he was offered a chance to appear in this movie, he accepted immediately without bothering to read the script.

Canadian singer Marc Martel lends his voice to the biopic as Freddie. They use a mix of his voice and Freddie's together, on top of Rami Malek's. In an interview, Malek said his singing was seamlessly mixed with both Freddie's and Martel's.

Brian May and Roger Taylor make a joint cameo appearance during the Live Aid sequence. (Hint: Look in the rafters.)

While Freddie and Mary are lying together and Freddie reaches up over his head to play her the now-famous Bohemian Rhapsody piano intro for the second section of the song, Rami Malek is actually playing the correct notes in order, a feat quite difficult to do sight unseen, upside down and backward.

Queen's set at Live Aid is widely regarded as one of the best live performances in rock and roll history. In a 2005 Channel Four poll of over 60 artists, journalists and music industry executives, Queen's Live Aid show was named the world's greatest-ever live performance.

According to BBC, film production was rough. The film's producers and lead star, Rami Malek, had grown tired of director Bryan Singer's erratic behavior, which saw him routinely showing up late to set or disappearing altogether. In 2017, after Thanksgiving break, Singer disappeared from filming for three days straight, at which point cinematographer Newton Thomas Sigel had to step in and direct during Singer's absence. Reports claimed that Singer left because of a family matter. A couple of days after this report, 20th Century Fox fired Singer from the film due to his erratic behavior on and off set and clashes with production personnel. Matters would get much worse for Singer as the next day, 20th Century Fox terminated his Bad Hat Harry production deal with the studio. Fox began canvassing for a new director to finish up production with two weeks of filming still remaining, all of post-production and with potential reshoots. The new director, Dexter Fletcher, commenced production after New Year's of 2017.

Wembley Stadium has been remodeled, demolished and rebuilt several times over the years, but there were no surviving blueprints or drawings of the structure as it existed in 1985. This meant the production design team had to work from video and photographic record to design and partially reconstruct an historically accurate stadium and Live Aid stage.

When Queen are about to perform on Top of the Pops (1964), they express their disapproval of being made to lip sync, rather than sing, their song. When Top of the Pops(1964) began in 1964, the producers of the programme decided that performers would lip sync rather than sing their songs. The British Broadcasting Corporation openly stated this when they promoted the programme. The reason for the producers' decision was lhat they considered it more ethical and honest for the performers to lip sync than to sing, as the programme promoted the records, and therefore the viewers and the audience members had the right to know exactly how the records sounded.

Before Rami Malek was cast, Ben Whishaw was linked in the media to playing Freddie Mercury.

Freddie's white "angel" costume was created by British designer Zandra Rhodes. Freddie wore it during Queen's first tour in Japan.

CAMEO: Adam Lambert: the truck driver waiting for a tryst in the bathroom when Freddie calls Mary Austin on a payphone. Lambert has been performing with Queen since 2012.



TRIVIA: Eddie MurphyJohn Ashton, and Judge Reinhold improvised most of their comic lines. Literally hundreds of takes were ruined by cast members, actors, or the director laughing during shooting. During the "super-cops" monologue, Ashton is pinching his face hard and looking down in apparent frustration. He is actually laughing. Reinhold put his hand in his pocket and pinched his thigh really hard, trying to prevent himself from laughing.

Axel Foley's T-shirt is from Mumford, a real-life Detroit-area school one of the filmmakers attended. When the film came out, the school got orders for the shirts from customers all over the world.

During his tirade at the Beverly Palms Hotel, Axel pretends to be writing an article called "Michael Jackson: Sitting on Top of the World" for Rolling Stone magazine. In real life, Playboy ran an article called "Eddie Murphy: Sitting on Top of the World."

According to Steven Berkoff in a UK newspaper interview, Sylvester Stallone quit the film because of disagreements about the orange juice for his trailer.

Damon Wayans' film debut.

Trying to find Foley and Rosewood, the LAPD use a "satellite tracking system" At the time it was, made up to advance the plot. It was invented later, an ancestor of the modern-day Global Positioning System (GPS). 

Included among the American Film Institute's 2000 list of the Top 100 Funniest American Movies.

Included among the "1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die", edited by Steven Schneider.

DIRECTOR CAMEO: (Martin Brest): the clerk who checks Axel out of the hotel at the end of the movie.

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TRIVIA: The writers weren't sure what the Martians should sound like, so the script read "ack, ack, ack, ack" for all of their lines of dialogue. This became the actual words spoken by the Martians in the film.

The Martian Girl costume had no zipper or buttons (to make it as smooth as possible), so Lisa Marie had to be sewn into it every day.

Although supposedly taking place in the 1990s, the U.S. Army's uniforms, tanks, Jeeps, artillery, et cetera, all date from the 1950s, when the movies being spoofed were made.

When people had their flesh vaporized from their bones, the remaining skeletons were either red or green. Tim Burton explained this had been done because the movie had been scheduled for a Christmas release. Also, the red and green skeletons were first seen in Beetlejuice (1988). When Barbara and Adam were in Juno's office, you can see them with other ghouls looking at the screen. 

Tim Burton pitched the idea of the film to Warner Brothers by showing them the Topps trading cards that inspired the screenplay.

The little dog owned by television hostess Nathalie Lake (Sarah Jessica Parker), is actually owned by Lisa Marie (Martian Girl).

Tim Burton had wanted the Martians brought to life via stop-motion animation, but finally went with CGI. The animators told Burton they could animate the Martians without motion blur to make them look more "stop-motiony," but Burton decided against that.

The Martians land in Pahrump, Nevada, home of radio talk-show host Art Bell. Bell is well known for featuring guests who are involved, in one way or another, with the subject of outer-space life forms. This ranges from scientists investigating the possibility of extraterrestrial life, to people who claim to have been contacted, kidnapped, examined, or impregnated (sometimes all at the same time) by space aliens. 

Martin Amis worked on the script for this movie. He said, "I rather liked the film, though it contained not a word I wrote."

DIRECTOR TRADEMARK (Tim Burton): (cast): Features many actors and actresses who appeared in previous Burton films: Sylvia Sidney from Beetlejuice (1988), Jack Nicholsonfrom Batman (1989), O-Lan Jones from Edward Scissorhands (1990), Danny DeVito from Batman Returns (1992), Sarah Jessica Parker, and Lisa Marie Smith from Ed Wood(1994).

DIRECTOR TRADEMARK (Tim Burton): (music): Music by Danny Elfman.