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Sunday 2 October 2016


TRIVIA: This film marked the first time Pixar had released two films in one year, following the release of Inside Out (2015) in June 2015.

Arlo's movements were based on those of young elephants.

The original cast was to include John Lithgow, Judy Greer, Bill Hader, Neil Patrick Harris, and Lucas Neff, but they were replaced following major story changes. The only original cast member to still be a part of the film is Frances McDormand.

EASTER EGG: The Luxo Ball can be seen when Arlo and Spot are hallucinating.

As of 2016, The Good Dinosaur (2015) was the lowest-grossing Pixar movie ever to be released both domestically and worldwide.

EASTER EGG: One of the Asteroids at the start of the film resembles the Pizza Planet truck from Toy Story (1995).

EASTER EGG: "A113" is spelled out with sticks on the fence of the bird pen Arlo approaches for feeding.

This story is an alternate history, with the point of divergence coming approximately 65,000,000 years ago: the K-T Extinction Asteroid misses Earth, so the Dinosaur Age continues.

The part when Arlo and Spot eat the berries and start hallucinating is the first hallucination scene in a Disney movie since Dumbo (1941).

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