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Friday 3 March 2017


TRIVIA: While for movie effect the script calls out the repeated use of the number '3' as an indicator of fraudulent numbers, the theory behind fraudulent number detection is known as Benford's law. The law states that in numbers such as account transactions the probability of a number occurring naturally drops as one moves from smaller numbers to the larger numbers following a logarithmic scale. This law has been successfully used to detect fraudulent accounting transactions.

The paintings featured in the story are: "Woman with Parasol and Child" by Renoir, 1874, "A Friend in Need" (Dogs Playing Poker) by Cassius Coolidge, 1903, and "Free Form" by Jackson Pollock, 1946.

Anna Kendrick based her character on her mother, a real accountant who went over the script and explained the math to her daughter.

Ben Affleck has stated that this is one of his top 5 personal favourite performances. This list also includes Batman in the DCEU, Holden McNeil in Chasing Amy (1997), Tony Mendes in Argo (2012), & Chucky from Good Will Hunting (1997).

In the hotel room, Dana reveals that in order to get the money to buy a Vera Wang gown, she taught herself how to play blackjack and to count cards to determine the chance to win a hand. In real life, Ben Affleck is known to be such a cunning poker and blackjack card player that he was barred from several casinos not because he cheats but because of his well-known habit of card-counting - legit but too much for them.

The screenplay for this film was featured in the 2011 Blacklist, a list of the "most liked" unmade scripts of the year.

The martial art mainly on display is a variety of malay Silat as also seen in The Raid movies.

While it might seem odd for a strong box filled with gold and other valuables to include a copy of "Action Comics #1" (1938) comic book, in fact this issue is valued at over $4 million dollars in mint condition.

This was originally envisioned with Mel Gibson starring, with Joel Coen and Ethan Coen directing.

Throughout the film, Ben Affleck's character recites the rhyme "Solomon Grundy" to calm himself down. In the DC comics, Solomon Grundy is a zombie whose "life" is structured around this rhyme.

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