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Friday 11 August 2017


TRIVIA: The young Cheryl is portrayed by the actual Cheryl Strayed's daughter Bobbi Strayed Lindstrom.

Jean-Marc Vallée would not let Reese Witherspoon read the instruction manual to the tent, or the stove. All of the frustration showed on screen was genuine.

Reese Witherspoon saw an advanced copy of the book in October 2011, 5 months before its release. The galley-form book was mailed personally by Cheryl Strayed herself, believing that if there is an actress who could portray her, it is Witherspoon and no one else. Witherspoon saw potential in that, immediately acquired the rights as it was a perfect launchpad for her production label. The book became much hyped when it listed as a select book for the Oprah Book Club after its release.

There is a scene where Cheryl is reading Gone Girl (an anachronism). This is because Reese Witherspoon is one of the producers of Gone Girl (2014).

Shot almost completely with natural light.

Cheryl Strayed told the Times she made efforts to locate her half-sister and half-brother over the years with no success. When her half-sister started reading Wild, she "knew just enough about me and my siblings that she put it together. She read the rest of the book and then she wrote to me. She was stunned. I was, too, and yet I always knew our paths would cross. Life is like that. There's always more, always a reveal."

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