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Saturday 15 December 2018



TRIVIA: Loosely based on the story of John List, the New Jersey man who killed his family in 1971, and was on the run until 1989, when his profile on the television show America's Most Wanted: America Fights Back (1988) resulted in his capture. The episode is: America's Most Wanted: America Fights Back: John Emil List/John Riccardi (1989).

Stephanie (Jill Schoelen)'s mother was played by Shelley Hack, who's only 16 years older, and Terry O'Quinn, who was the stepfather, is only 11 years her senior.

Cinematographer John Lindley was hired as a last minute replacement for the original director of photography who was arrested in a domestic dispute right before shooting was to start.

Entertainment Weekly ranked this as the 22nd scariest movie of all time.

Director Joseph Ruben originally wanted Jerry Blake to whistle the Barbra Streisand song "The Way We Were," but the rights to the song proved to be too expensive.

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