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Sunday 3 February 2019



TRIVIA: When Dan Gilroy was asked by Vanity Fair what he wants audiences take away from the film, he said: "I hope people look at art in a slightly different way. Any time you listen to a piece of music or look at a sculpture or a painting or a film, you realize the artists behind that have invested what I believe to be their creative soul into the work. To me, that's a bit of a sacred thing and I think we've lost that a little bit. I would love it if we could return to that."

Dan Gilroy was struck by the idea for Velvet Buzzsaw after having visited the Dia contemporary-art gallery in Beacon, New York in 2017 and hours after came up with a rough plot. In an interview with Vanity Fair he described: "It was the Tuesday after Christmas, at about 5 o'clock in the afternoon, and no one was there. I was wandering around this huge, empty warehouse with all this rather disturbing contemporary art. And I wound up in the basement in a video installation with, like, dentist chairs and rats running around. And I just thought, 'Man, this would be a great place for a horror movie.' The idea that artists invest their souls in their work and it's more than a commodity--that has always interested me. I suddenly saw a way of incorporating it all, to explore how, when art and commerce are dangerously out of balance, bad things can happen. It clicked very quickly."

After Dan Gilroy's debut film Nightcrawler (2014), as well as his sophomore movie Roman J. Israel, Esq. (2017), this is his third feature film set in Los Angeles. Gilroy often praises the city for having such natural beauty to it, and even more importantly, people that have been working there for ages who are all experts on their various crafts.

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