Sunday, 22 June 2014


TRIVIA: The army psychiatrist in this movie was the first black actor cast in a part that wasn't specified as a black character.

Angela Lansbury was thirty-six at the time of filming, only three years older than Laurence Harvey, who played her son.

Senator Iselin's plane in real life was owned by Frank Sinatra.

A scene where Laurence Harvey jumps in Central Park lake was shot on February 12, the coldest day in 30 years. They had to break the foot-thick ice on the lake with a bulldozer before the scene could be shot.

Frank Sinatra broke one of his fingers during the fight sequence with Henry Silva. Due to ongoing filming commitments, he could not rest or bandage his hand properly, causing the injury to heal incorrectly. It caused him chronic discomfort for the rest of his life.

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