Thursday, 17 July 2014


TRIVIA: The real animals were paired two-by-two, but many of them were actually same-sex couples. This was for safety: a bull elephant was considered a safety risk so two females were used. With giraffes, males can be friendly. Pairs of male giraffes were used.

Evan's wife's name is Joan. This is an allusion to a popular joke combining the names of French freedom fighter Joan of Arc and Noah's Ark, which are obviously two very different stories.

When God takes the form of a waiter, the name tag on his shirt reads "Al Mighty".

When Evan is driving he passes a movie theater, the movie playing is 'The 40 year old Virgin Mary'. The 40-Year-Old Virgin (2005) also starred Steve Carell.

The real estate agent's name is Eve Adams, reflecting the names of the characters Adam and Eve, whose story is told in the first few chapters of the Hebre Book of Genesis which features the Noah story.

The phone number on the wood delivery trucks (800)-GO-4-WOOD obviously refers to God telling Noah to make the ark of gopher wood.

As of June 2007, it is the most expensive comedy film ever made.

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