Friday, 3 July 2015

FILM 1336: RAN

TRIVIA: Akira Kurosawa's wife of 39 years, Yôko Yaguchi, died during the production of this film. Kurosawa halted filming for just one day to mourn before resuming work on the picture.

Several hundred costumes were all created by hand. This process took two years to complete.

Akira Kurosawa referred to his previous film, Kagemusha (1980), as a "dress rehearsal" for this film. He spent ten years storyboarding every shot in the film as paintings. The resulting collection of images was published with the screenplay.

"Ran," generally translated from the Japanese, means "chaos" or "revolt."

A scene which required an entire field to be sprayed gold was filmed but left out of the final film during editing.

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