Saturday, 15 August 2015


TRIVIA: This is Edward Norton's motion picture debut.

2,100 actors auditioned for the role of Aaron Stampler - Matt Damon was one of them.

Leonardo DiCaprio was the producer's original choice for Aaron/Roy, who ultimately turned it down.

Both Wil Wheaton and Leonardo DiCaprio turned down the part of Aaron Stampler. Wheaton turned down the role because he didn't want to put off his acting school and when his manager urged him to take the role anyway he told him "It is like Luke Skywalker when Yoda told him not to go and save his friends but to stay on Dagobah and learn to be a Jedi instead. Luke didn't listen to him and that's why he never became true Jedi master." Later Wil Wheaton regretted turning this role down, saying that this was a crucial factor why his career never got to be a successful one.

Both Richard Gere and Reg Rogers, the actor who plays the journalist Gere talks to throughout the movie, were in Runaway Bride. In that film, Gere was the journalist and Rogers was the interview subject as one of the grooms left at the altar.

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