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TRIVIA: Harrison Ford damaged some ligaments in his leg during the filming of the scenes in the woods. He refused to take surgery until the end of filming so that his character would keep the limp. The limp can be seen in any subsequent scene where Richard Kimble is running.

The wrecked train and bus remain a tourist attraction in Dillsboro, North Carolina.

According to producer Roy Huggins, Gerard's line in response to Richard Kimble's claim of innocence ("I didn't kill my wife") was originally read in the script as, "That isn't my problem." But at the request of Tommy Lee Jones, it was changed to, "I don't care."

Originally Julianne Moore's character had a bigger role in the film even after she exposes him briefly. Kimble was to have sought her out for help and eventually fall for her. These scenes were filmed and deleted from the final cut of the film. That is, however, at the same time her name is still credited as one of the main stars of the picture.

Kimble's apartment is modeled after an actual doctor that Harrison Ford and Andrew Davis met in a Chicago bar shortly before filming. Ford felt that the doctor, somewhat eccentric and reclusive, was exactly how he wanted to portray Kimble and sent the art department to see his apartment. The doctor was also treated to a drink by Ford.

Alec Baldwin was first choice to play Dr. Richard Kimble. When he dropped out, Andy Garcia was considered for the role. Harrison Ford had previously played a role first offered to Baldwin in Patriot Games (1992).

The character of Cosmo Renfro was supposed to die in the finale of the film. However, Joe Pantoliano successfully lobbied for his character to be spared so that he may appear in a potential sequel. Pantoliano indeed got to reprise the role of Renfro in the sequel U.S. Marshals (1998). A similar request by Sela Ward to have her character beaten into a coma instead of being killed, however, was not honored.

Julianne Moore's brief role landed her an interview with Steven Spielberg, who would later cast her in The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997).

The picture of Richard Kimble on the composite from medical school is actually Harrison Ford's yearbook picture from Ripon College. He (almost) graduated in 1964, nine years before the picture was said to have been from.

Richard Jordan, who was originally cast as Dr. Nichols, actually filmed some scenes with Harrison Ford before he became ill and had to drop out of the picture. These scenes had to be re-shot with Jeroen Krabbé. If you look closely at Krabbé's first scene, Ford's beard looks different because he had to regrow it for the re-shoot.

Tommy Lee Jones reportedly told Joe Pantoliano "It's not like anyone is going to win any awards for this film." However, Tommy Lee Jones won the Academy Award for best supporting actor for his role in the film.

Kevin Costner was considered for the role of Richard Kimble.

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