Sunday, 6 September 2015


TRIVIA: As a young man, De Palma, at his mother's urging, actually followed his father and used recording equipment to try and catch him with another woman. That incident inspired this film.

Angie Dickinson said on The Tonight Show that of all the movies she was in, Dressed to Kill is her favorite.

Brian De Palma specifically wrote the part of Liz Blake for his then wife Nancy Allen to play.

The conversation between Liz and Peter at the end of the movie about male-to-female surgery was filmed at the Windows on the World restaurant complex in the World Trade Center.

Michael Caine's psychiatric office is located at 162 East 70th Street on Manhattan's Upper East Side.

The flirtatious sequence with Angie Dickinson and the mystery man in the museum lasts almost 9 minutes, during which time no dialogue whatsoever is spoken.

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