Friday, 13 November 2015


TRIVIA: Inspired by the story of singer Steve Tilston, who learned of the existence of a letter that John Lennon had written to him 34 years after the letter was written.

The "Danny Collins" concert footage at the beginning of the film was shot at a Los Angeles concert by the band Chicago.

Dan Fogelman had Pacino in mind to play Danny Collins while writing the script. Pacino agreed, with only one request, that Bobby Cannavale play his son.

The key song in the film is written by Ryan Adams, and the version playing in the background actually features Adams singing.

The pictures on the wall of Collins' house (around 10 mins in), are all pics from previous Pacino roles; The Godfather, Serpico etc.

Michael Caine was originally cast but dropped out due to scheduling conflicted and replaced by Christopher Plummer

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