Monday, 23 November 2015


TRIVIA: An anatomically correct, totally working computer model was created of Kevin Bacon's entire body - down to the last capillary. The 3D model has since been donated to scientific researchers.

During filming, Kevin Bacon wore skin-tight costumes in green, blue, grey or black, to assist with the adding of special effects. Some of his cast mates said that the hardest part of the role was not laughing at someone painted in black, green, blue or grey, pretending to be mean.

When the crew carries a half-invisible Sebastian back to the operating table, a metal skeleton was used. It was made of metal in order to make it heavy so the actors would give the impression of carrying a human body.

Guy Pearce and Edward Norton were considered for the role of Sebastian. Kevin Bacon was chosen for his "ability to be both charming and diabolical".

Despite assumptions that Bacon would not be needed on set, except when his character Sebastian is visible, Verhoeven and the crew realized after test footage was shot, that he would need to be present to interact with the cast, as "the other actors were stranded in empty space, and the scenes looked stiff, inorganic and unconvincing" without him.

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