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Sunday 13 December 2015


TRIVIA: Johnny Depp said that this is his favorite out of all the films he has done.

In order to ensure that Johnny Depp's performance was true to the actual Whitey Bulger, Scott Cooper hired some of Bulger's old associates as consultants to the film with each of them praising Depp's performance by simply saying, "That's Whitey."

In an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live! (2003), Johnny Depp stated that he picked up his Boston accent for the film from hanging out with Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry.

Despite filming a substantial amount of scenes as Catherine Greig, Sienna Miller's part was cut for pacing reasons.

Guy Pearce was originally cast as Billy Bulger but dropped out of the project for undisclosed reasons.

On its opening weekend, Black Mass grossed $22,769,179. 10% of that gross came from the Boston area alone.

Johnny Depp's fourth role playing a real-life gangster. He portrayed John Dillinger in "Public Enemies," Donnie Brasco in "Donnie Brasco," and George Jung in "Blow".

Cult icon Mark Mahoney was cast as "Mickey Maloney" without reading or auditioning for the role on the strength of his performance in Blood Ties. The famous Venice Beach tattooer, scenester and owner of the Shamrock Social Club was "audacious, to say the least" (according to executive producer James Packer) in regards to the renumeration he demanded for his relatively minor role. Director Scott Cooper insisted that an agreement was to be reached with Mahoney - partly because he was frustrated by constant difficulties securing then loosing then (in the most part) re-securing key cast members, and partly because "the amount of money he demanded and the manner in which he demanded it was in someways the best audition I've ever seen!...it reminded me why I wanted him for the part in the first place!" Cooper allegedly quipped on set. In his downtime during shooting Mahoney would set up and put a shamrock tattoo on any member of the cast and crew who wanted one.

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