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Sunday 27 December 2015


TRIVIA: At one point during the production, Liza Minnelli is supposed to board a bus in front of Bergdorf's on Fifth Avenue. When a real bus came along, she boarded it thinking it was the "movie bus". Not until she was halfway down the block did she realize her blunder when she looked back and saw the whole crew cracking up.

Reportedly, when Dudley Moore was doing the mansion moose head sequence, a lighting technician laughed so much that he fell off his ladder.

John Gielgud turned down the role of Hobson several times, finally accepting it only because the salary he was offered was too good to pass up.

Dudley Moore was said to have based his performance partly on Peter Cook, whose excessive drinking had soured his and Moore's comedic partnership in the '70s.

According to his widow, John Belushi was offered the role of Arthur, but ultimately turned it down, fearing typecasting.

Carrie Fisher turned down the role of Linda Marolla.

Apparently, writer-director Steve Gordon had originally wanted to cast George Segal in the lead role of Arthur. After the box-office success of 10 (1979) however, Dudley Moore replaced Segal. This movie was actually the second time that Moore replaced Segal. Segal was originally cast in the lead role in 10 (1979) but Segal apparently walked off the set shortly after filming began. Reportedly, this was rumored because Julie Andrews' role had been built up. Apparently, after 10 (1979) had been released, Segal, when once asked if he had seen the movie, allegedly replied with a finger gesture.

There are three audio cassettes on the edge of Arthur's bathtub: Bob Marley, Randy Newman, and a record-it-yourself tape.

After Linda first meets Arthur she says that he looks like one of Santa's little helpers. Dudley Moore went on to play the part of Patch one of Santa's elves in Santa Claus: The Movie in 1985.

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