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Sunday 28 February 2016


TRIVIA: Stephen King has admitted several times that he was so into his alcohol addiction at the time that he does not remember writing the book.

Five St. Bernards were used, one mechanical head, and a guy in a dog costume.

Stephen King has stated that he feels Dee Wallace gives the best performance in this film of any film or TV adaptation of his books, including Kathy Bates's Oscar-winning turn in Misery (1990).

A rumor has circulated that "Cujo" is an ancient Indian word meaning "unstoppable force." In reality, Stephen King made it up himself when writing the novel.

Stephen King cites this film as having the most effective scare of any of the movies based on his works, referring to the jolting scare where Cujo first leaps at the passenger window of the car.

The story was inspired to Stephen King when he met his mechanic's intimidating dog while having his motorcycle repaired one day.

The fog in the scene where Brett encounters a sick Cujo was created by a naval fog machine. The smoke brought out the local fire department who feared the woods were burning.

First film to take place in the fictional town of Castle Rock, which would go on to feature in The Dead Zone (1983), Stand by Me (1986), The Dark Half (1993) and Needful Things (1993). Rob Reiner, who directed Stand by Me and produced Needful Things, also named his production company Castle Rock.

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