Sunday, 24 April 2016


TRIVIA: While wearing the false nose, Steve Martin was often greeted with the phrase "Nice nose!" One day between scenes he had to use the lavatory in a bar, and on the way across the room he passed a group of bikers. Steeling himself for the usual greeting, he was delighted to hear one of the bikers instead ask "Why the long face?"

When C.D. (Steve Martin) is consulting the plastic surgeon about getting a nose job he holds a picture of the nose he wants up beside his nose. The picture is of his real nose.

When C.D. is challenged to think of 20 better jokes than "big nose", one of them, "you must love the little birdies that you give them this to perch on" is taken directly from the original scene in "Cyrano de Bergerac."

The term "keeping your nose to the grindstone" refers to making flour. The miller constantly sniffed at the grindstone. If there was no smell the grain was feeding into the stones too fast and the flour would be coarse. If there was a burned smell the grain was feeding in too slowly resulting in ruined flour and possible damage to the stones. It has nothing to do with grinding off one's nose.

One of the "20 Nose Jokes" that was in the theatrical release but removed for TV viewing was, "Finally a man who can satisfy two women at once."

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