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TRIVIA: David Bowie said that, in order to make his voice suitably hoarse for when he aged so drastically in the movie, he stood on the George Washington Bridge every night and screamed all the punk rock songs he knew.

In The Celluloid Closet (1995), the 1995 documentary about the history of homosexuality in film, actress Susan Sarandon said that the screenplay for The Hunger (1983) originally called for her to be demonstrably drunk in the lead-up to her sex scene with Catherine Deneuve, but Sarandon asked for it to be changed so that her character had only a single sip of wine and then spilled the rest of the glass. She said she wanted to make it clear that her character was choosing to have sex with Miriam instead of doing it because of the alcohol, and also because "you wouldn't have to get drunk to bed Catherine Deneuve, I don't care what your sexual history to that point had been".

David Bowie actually learned to play the cello for his music scenes.

Tony Scott discovered the rock group Bauhaus in a London nightclub and decided to put them in the movie.

In an interview with The Daily Beast in late July, 2014, Susan Sarandon revealed that she had an affair with David Bowie while the two were working on this film.

One day during filming, costume designer Milena Canonero, who is famously dedicated to her craft, disappeared and was nowhere to be found. It was discovered eventually that she had flown to Rome to purchase fabric for a handkerchief David Bowie is supposed to wear. Unable to find fabric she liked in London, Canonero had flown to Rome at her own expense to find the fabric she needed instead.

The age of female vampire Miriam Blaylock (Catherine Deneuve) was six thousand years. The amount of time she had been lovers with John Blaylock (David Bowie) was three hundred years.

Though set in New York, nearly all of the picture was shot in London.

The 19th Century mansion seen in the movie was a house located in the affluent London suburb of Mayfair.

The film spurred a short-lived TV series of the same name The Hunger (1997) which ran for around three years. The series, first broadcast fourteen years after this movie, utilized the same title and vampire lore, but had no plot or character connections with this film.

Director Tony Scott's first theatrical feature.

CAMEO: Willem Dafoe: As a youth at a phone booth.

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