Sunday, 3 July 2016


TRIVIA: First American film for and first film shot in the USA of French actor Gérard Depardieu.

Star Andie MacDowell was totally surprised when Peter Weir asked her to gain weight. She had always been asked to do the opposite.

The production of the picture was shelved for a year due to the filming schedule of French star Gérard Depardieu who was not available for around twelve months. In the meantime, director Peter Weir went and made Dead Poets Society (1989) instead.

The movie is actually an Australian film, co-financed with Australian money, but without any Australian cast, and not filmed at all in Australia, but with only an Australian writer-producer-director Peter Weir, and with limited Australian crew, such as cinematographer Geoffrey Simpson, but with the film's post-production though conducted in Australia.

According to Eleanor Quin at the Turner Classic Movies website, "true facts from [Gerard] Depardieu's life were . . . integrated into the script, including his fondness for prostitutes and his multiple tattoos".

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