Tuesday, 19 July 2016

FILM 1551: 28 DAYS

TRIVIA: Sandra Bullock would drink a triple espresso before any scene that required her character to have uncontrollable shakes.

There were six wedding cakes made for the wedding scene shoot. One cake was used for a test shot with a stunt woman falling on it to see how it would look. Unbeknownst to director Betty Thomas, there were two wooden spikes inside of the cake for structural support. Fortunately when the stunt woman fell on the cake, she was not wounded.

Alan Tudyk's character fork testimonial was totally improvised by Alan.

The gum wrapper chain was made by prop master Dean Wilson's wife. It took her two weeks to make three different sized chains.

In real life, Sandra Bullock is allergic to horses.

Most of the artwork in the background of the Parker House group sessions was done by real rehab patients.

The use of neck signs was based on real rehab therapy techniques.

During filming in New York, Sandra Bullock stayed in Dennis Hopper's apartment.

The set of Santa Cruz is actually the set of Days Of Our Lives.


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