Sunday, 21 August 2016


TRIVIA: High-Rise (2015) has been a stalled passion project for producer Jeremy Thomas for decades. It was once deemed "unfilmable."

The film includes two interpretations of the ABBA song "SOS" - one by the film's composer Clint Mansell and the other by Portishead. "SOS" was released in 1975. The same year as the novel "High-Rise" JG Ballard.

Elizabeth Moss said that the most difficult thing for her when preparing for High-Rise (2015) was to speak in a convincing British accent since she was American.

In the opening shot of the movie, Laing is using a record player. It is a very special, very rare player known as a Transcriptors Reference Turntable, and the same owned by Alex in A Clockwork Orange (arguably made famous by this feature). This is likely another homage to that film.

While it never directly says so, the film's time period is obviously set in the 1970's. There are no cell phones, iPads, Internet and the like. But there is a lot of cigarette smoking in areas that are forbidden in 2016 such as in doctor's office and around children, and the clothes,vehicles and everyday items were very common in that time period.

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