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Thursday 1 September 2016


TRIVIA: The project was initially proposed as a TV series but was re-tooled as a film after the pilot seemed to be going nowhere.

One of the film's nods to The Rockford Files (1974) is the yellow pages ad for Holland March's detective agency. It is almost a complete copy of the ad used for Jim Rockford. Like Jim Rockford, March keeps his gun in a cookie jar.

During March's opening monologue about the downturn of society, a porno theatre in the background is playing "Bang Bang Kiss Kiss," a play on Shane Black's earlier film Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005).

In the elevator scene, the same music plays in the background as in the elevator scene in The Blues Brothers (1980)

Jack Kilmer is the son of Val Kilmer. Shane Black directed Val in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005).

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