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TRIVIA: The three sequences in the film were filmed on 16mm, 35mm, and digital to illustrate the advancement in Apple's technology across the 16 years depicted of Jobs' life.

Michael Fassbender said in an interview that Christian Bale who exited the project in November 2014 would have been "perfect" to play Steve Jobs. "I thought to myself: Christian Bale is perfect, why isn't he doing it?" The actor told The Hollywood Reporter while promoting the film in London. "I actually called him up and told him that myself."

Seth Rogen met with Steve Wozniak extensively to understand him. Rogen also researched Wozniak's keynotes and speeches online. Rogen cited watching an old eighties video on repeat, featuring Wozniak giving a tour of the Apple museum at their headquarters as part of his research. Rogen later admitted that he had no idea who Steve Wozniak was prior to working on this movie.

Kate Winslet found out about the movie from her makeup artist while working on The Dressmaker (2015). The makeup artist just got hired for this movie and told Winslet. Winslet said that she was intrigued by a movie written by Aaron Sorkin, directed by Danny Boyle and starring Michael Fassbender that she asked for more details about the female part. She later sent a picture of herself with a black wig and then she got the script and met with Boyle which resulted in winning the part.

During the montage depicting the failure of Apple's Newton PDA, one of the clips shown is from the animated TV series The Simpsons. This is a more multileveled reference to the life of Steve Jobs than it might appear at first: Jobs, who was adopted as an infant, discovered well into his adulthood that he had a full biological sister, the novelist Mona Simpson (author of novels including Anywhere but Here, Off Keck Road, and A Regular Guy--which is about a Jobs-like billionaire technology mogul). Mona Simpson was married for many years to Richard Appel, who was a writer for The Simpsons during the mid-1990s. One of Appel's lasting contributions to that show was that he was the writer who named the character of Homer Simpson's mother; since Appel was married to a woman whose last name was, coincidentally, Simpson, he named Homer's mother "Mona Simpson."

Leonardo DiCaprio was originally set to play the lead role but dropped out to do The Revenant (2015). Michael Fassbender was cast when Christian Bale also passed on the project. All three actors were nominated at the 2016 Academy Awards: DiCaprio for Best Actor in 'The Revenant', Fassbender for Best Actor in 'Steve Jobs', and Bale for Best Supporting Actor in The Big Short (2015). DiCaprio ended up winning an award.

During the first act of the film, when Jobs and Woz are arguing in the courtyard about the 2 vs 8 ports on their way to the launch of the Mac, writer Aaron Sorkin makes a cameo as the taller of the two gentlemen walking by in the background.

During the 1984 sequence of the film, Jobs (Fassbender) and Sculley (Daniels) are watching the Macintosh Super Bowl commercial from backstage. The commercial was directed by Ridley Scott, who went on to direct Michael Fassbender in Prometheus (2012), as well as Jeff Daniels in The Martian (2015).

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