Saturday, 19 November 2016


TRIVIA: The real Efraim Diveroli declined to meet with Jonah Hill. Hill said "I'm used to it. If a person is aggressively against me playing them, it's probably a good sign."

The poster design is a parody of the iconic poster for Brian De Palma's crime epic Scarface (1983), which is much referenced throughout the film by the main characters.

The real David Packouz makes an appearance as the guitar player singing in the elders house at the beginning of the movie.

Jesse Eisenberg and Shia LaBeouf were previously in talks to star.

The beach sunset scene Efraim has adorning the wall of his office at AEY is yet another reference to Scarface. Frank Lopez had the same scene painted on the wall of his office.

First dramatic film for director Todd Phillips.

In 2016, Diveroli filed a lawsuit against Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc., director Todd Phillips, producer Bradley Cooper, and others, seeking to block release of the film. Diveroli's suit against Warner Bros. claimed that the basis for the film was taken from his self-published memoir Once A Gun Runner.

David receives a call from Mike Finkel from the New York Times about the fake bank statements and repackaging of AK ammunition. In the movie True Story, Jonah Hill plays Mike Finkel, whose identity was assumed by accused murderer Christian Longo.

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