Sunday, 19 February 2017


TRIVIA: According to cinematographer Jarin Blaschke, the film was shot mostly with available and natural light.

The premise is based on America's first witch hysteria in colonial New England, set 62 years before the infamous "Salem Witch Trials" which occurred in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

There were more scenes planned to involve Black Phillip, but because he wasn't as well trained as planned, the ideas had to be scratched.

Most of the film's dialogue and story were based on writings from the time.

Although the film's plot was intended to be taken literally, director Robert Eggers has spoken about a few small hints he and the filmmakers left throughout the film that one might interpret as reasoning behind the events, beyond the obvious supernatural. For example, the rot on the corn is ergot - a hallucinogenic fungus.

The Satanic Temple has endorsed this movie and hosted several screenings of the film. Their spokesperson, Jex Blackmore, addressed the film as "an impressive presentation of Satanic insight that will inform contemporary discussion of religious experience."

The film takes place in 1630.

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