Friday, 10 March 2017


TRIVIA: Author Lorenzo Carcaterra has claimed that his book on which the film is based was a true story of his childhood. When the New York legal community went on record stating that no cases resembling the events of his book could be found in any court records, Carcaterra refused to discuss the discrepancy. It is generally believed that his book was almost 100% fiction. Carcaterra's school attendance records show he could not have been in prison for as long as he said, and that he could not have been in prison at the dates given for certain events in the book.

The code name "Edmund" that is used in the paper to notify Michael that he needed to contact Shakes is the name of the main character, Edmund Dantes, from "The Count of Monte Cristo".

During filming both Brad Renfro and Joe Perrino wore colored contact lenses so they would have the same colored eyes as Brad Pitt and Jason Patric who played the characters as adults.

The film cast includes three Oscar winners: Dustin Hoffman, Robert De Niro and Brad Pitt; and one Oscar nominee: Minnie Driver.

Billy Crudup and John Slattery were reunited in Spotlight (2015), which also revolves on similar themes of abuse.

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