Saturday, 8 July 2017


TRIVIA: The film's warm 'yellow' tinge and muted coloration was a trend in the 1970's. Because Christine takes place in the early Seventies this effect was chosen on purpose to make the film appear more authentic. This effect used to be naturally caused by lighting and the type of film stock used (often Ektachrome, a popular Kodak 16mm stock), but in the digital age the effect is usually added in after filming by using computer filters and overlays to create a nostalgic "vintage" look.

The owner of the company that cut the film's trailer, Robert "Smitty" Smith at In Sync Advertising, was an actual intern at WXLT-TV who knew and was friends with Christine Chubbuck. He sought out the job when he found out about the film and saw it at Sundance; incidentally, the creators had tried to seek him out for interviews during the research phases, but were unable to locate him due to the ubiquity of his name.

Despite her standoffish demeanor portrayed in the film, the real Christine Chubbuck was known on television as a cheerful woman, particularly fond of children to the point where she volunteered outside of work to do puppet shows for mentally handicapped kids. Only her closest family members really knew the extent of her depression.

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