Friday, 14 July 2017


TRIVIA: Bill Paxton 's final film.

Bill Paxton died before the film's release. Glenne Headley who played his wife in the film, died the same year after the film's release.

Re-shoots took place 4 months before the release of " The Circle " which made Emma Watson's character seem more appealing, but apparently test audience reaction was even worse than previous test screenings.

The Circle's HQ looks very similar to Apple's new campus "Apple Park" which is scheduled to open shortly after the film's premiere.

At one point Mae struggles to keep up with Annie and comments how incredibly long her legs are. Karen Gillan played Amy Pond on Doctor Who (2005), and at one point another character commented that she, " made of legs, that's the most legs on any living human!"

During the first speech that Tom Hanks' character gives, he reveals the name of the cameras are called SeeChange. Immediately following this scene they cut to a concert featuring the singer Beck. One of Beck's most famous albums is called Sea Change.

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