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Tuesday 19 September 2017


TRIVIA: The director, Kevin Macdonald, had originally intended the cast to be all unknown or amateur actors and was looking for an American girl, around 16 years of age to play Daisy, but cast Irish actress 19 year old Saoirse Ronan instead, after her audition, reading a scene which left them in tears.

"During pre-production, before we actually started shooting, [cinematographer] Franz Lustig went around and shot [with a Canon EOS C300] lots of little bits of birds, landscapes and details of things," said director Kevin Macdonald. "This is something you always want to do on films because you can see a beautiful sunset and have the flexibility to pull out a little tiny camera and shoot something. That stuff has all made it into the film. Franz could shoot this on his own." Lustig said: "It was a one-man show! Me, my backpack, three lenses, and maybe a tripod if needed. I could do images for the film and they cut in beautifully. You don't need a whole crew. We also tested some things in moonlight,(...). That was the original reason we wanted to try this camera for its low-light abilities."[2013]

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