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BONES (2005–2017)

TRIVIA: Temperance Brennan is an anthropologist who writes about the character Kathy Reichs in her spare time. In real-life, Kathy Reichs is an anthropologist who writes about the character Temperance Brennan.

Angela's father is played by ZZ Top member Billy Gibbons, and there have been several indications that the audience is supposed to understand that her father IS Billy Gibbons (albeit a fictional version of Gibbons, since Angela is fictional). Although Angela's dad has never been given a name, before his first appearance Angela told her friends that her father is famous enough that they might recognize him immediately, and during Gibbons' appearances, there have been several references to the music of ZZ Top.

Emily Deschanel's sister, Zooey, appeared on season five, episode ten, "The Goop on the Girl". She appeared as Brennan's cousin Margaret from Wisconsin.

In season five, episode nine, "Gamer in the Grease", Sweets, Hodgins, and Fisher take turns camping out to get tickets to see Avatar (2009). Joel David Moore (Fisher) played Norm in Avatar (2009).

The establishing exterior shots of the "Jeffersonian Institute" are filmed on the Exposition Park Rose Gardens side of The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County.

There have been several references to Agent Seeley Booth being a "direct descendant" of John Wilkes Booth. In reality, is is highly unlikely that John Wilkes Booth had any direct descendants. As the assassin of Abraham Lincoln, and the first assassin of any U.S. President, John Wilkes Booth's life history has been exhaustively scrutinized by generations of historical scholars, and there is absolutely no evidence that he ever married or fathered any children, legitimate or illegitimate. Several of John Wilkes Booth's brothers and sisters did have children, but in genealogical terms, to be a direct descendant John Wilkes Booth, Seeley Booth would have to be descended from a child of his, and not just a niece or nephew.

Daisy Wick is the name of one of the secondary characters. Daisy Zick is the name of a real-life murder victim from Battle Creek, Michigan in 1963. The crime remains unsolved.

Ryan O'Neal, who plays Bones's (Emily Deschanel's) father, is an Academy Award nominee. In real life, Emily's father, Caleb Deschanel, is a nominee as well.

In season eleven, the actress who plays Christine is Sunnie Pelant - the same last name as the serial killer, Christopher Pelant, in earlier seasons.

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