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Wednesday 4 April 2018


TRIVIA: Teresa Palmer hadn't seen the design of Diana before filming, until she filmed her first scene with her on a completely dark set. This was an intentional directorial choice so as to provoke a genuine reaction of fear when first seeing the design. Alicia Vela-Bailey, the woman in the costume, was previously Palmer's stunt double on I Am Number Four(2011), it would have ruined the effect had she seen her prior as she would have recognized her therefore losing the authentic expression of fear.

David F. Sandberg decided to focus on practical effects and avoided as much CGI as possible.

Made back its entire production budget on its opening day at the box office. 

The house in this movie is the same one used in Ouija (2014) and Ouija: Origin of Evil(2016).

On the wall in Rebecca's room, a poster reads "Släckt", which is Swedish for "Lights Out" or "Extinguished".

Diana was created with a photorealistic prosthetic suit that could also function as a green screen suit so as to remove her from the scene when the lights came on. The designer of the suit previously created the title character of Mrs. Doubtfire (1993).

(at around 38 mins) When Martin and his mother have a movie night, the movie that they are watching is Auntie Mame (1958).

The move to Hollywood was somewhat hectic for David F. Sandberg and his wife, requiring that Losten quit her day job in order to do so. Once in Hollywood the two were unable to get an apartment due to a lack of credit, forcing them to rent Airbnb on a monthly basis.

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