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Tuesday 10 July 2018



TRIVIA: Coincidentally, the source novel, "One Shot" by Lee Child, specifically references (though not by name) the film A Few Good Men (1992), which starred Tom Cruise. In the novel, Reacher reflects upon a line of dialogue spoken by Jack Nicholson's character.

Rosamund Pike was pregnant with son Solo during the shooting for this film.

Robert Duvall's character is seen using empty .38 special cartridge cases as ear plugs. This goes back to the 1950s. Since he was an old timer, he would have done this.

Jai Courtney and Josh Helman had so much trouble with the American accent required for their roles, that several planned scenes were scrapped, and many of Courtney's lines were dropped from the sides.

Brad PittHugh JackmanVince VaughnJamie Foxx, and Will Smith were considered for the role of Jack Reacher before Tom Cruise was cast.

Reacher asks Helen "Drop me at the auto parts store". When she says "Which one?" he explains that he wants the one that "stands out in your mind as *the* auto part store". In the next sequence, the actual auto part store sign is visible: it is called "DeFault Auto Parts".

CAMEOLee Child: The film's source novelist as a Police Desk Sergeant, and the cop that gives Jack Reacher his personal belongings back when he leaves jail.

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