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Sunday 9 September 2018


I have three rings that I wear everyday. Even during the time I was decorating my house every week and couldn’t wear the rings on my fingers, I would put them on a chain around my neck. I wear them this way so I have them with me always.

My first ring is not worn for sentimental reasons, its just a ring id been looking for for a long time and by chance happened upon it at Brick Lane market. I love Brick Lane and don’t go as often as I once did. It’s a wonderful place and the markets (as there’s more than one) are filled with some beautiful things, crafts, art, vintage items and new original fashion. 

The next ring is one of the most romantic gifts ive ever been given. My boyfriend bought this for me for Christmas one year. Its an item that can be a good conversation starter. Engraved onto the outside and inside of this ring are the lyrics to ‘our song’. Having a song I think is a bit of a dying tradition. I know a few people who have been planning a wedding and I always ask ‘what’s the song for the first dance?’ and ‘do you have a song?’ A lot of people’s wedding songs become their song but not many people have one to begin with. I think Nick and I are in a unique position where we know the very song that was playing when we went from being friends to realizing we were in love with each other. Nothing happened for a long time after that because we were really good friends and it’s a scary step to make but after eight years we’re still together. And the words in the ring? ‘All I ever wanted’ on the outside and ‘All I ever needed’ on the inside from Depeche Mode’s Enjoy the Silence. Wow I still remember that night and that feeling!

The third ring is a ring that I’d wanted for a while. The problem was that it was only available from America. It was from one of my favourite jewellery shops Catbird. I’d put it in my shopping basket so many times and was so close to ordering it but when looking at the postage being almost as much as the ring itself and the chance of it going missing stopped me every time. So when my sister and her fiancĂ© (now husband) said they were going to New York, I asked if they had time if they’d go get it for me. They said yes! When they came back not only did they have the ring but also the story about how they’d got there. They got to the street I’d given for the address not realizing that this was a very very long road and they walked for around three hours to get there. They said it was one of the most interesting walks they’d ever taken, seeing how New York is divided into sections and seeing all the different cultures and people along the way. In a way it was a present to both of us. When they found out my Dad was taking me to New York for my 30ththey gave me a voucher for Catbird. And although we didn’t have the time to do the walk, we got to see a lot of the things they’d seen on the taxi ride over. This time I got some earrings and a cat ring tray. It was such a thoughtful present and such a lovely day!

Do you have jewellery that you wear every day?

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