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Sunday 18 November 2018



TRIVIA: Directors James CameronSam Raimi and author Stephen King all singled out Frailty(2001) for high praise. King considered it one of the best horror movies of its year.

Bill Paxton used the same beer can the entire filming of the movie because they could only find one Hamm's beer can like that from 1979. The can was "opened" off-camera and a sound effect added for popping its top (director commentary at 52:21).

The film is set in Texas and has three Texas-born actors as top-billed stars: Bill PaxtonMatthew McConaughey, and Powers Boothe.

When asked why the axe used by his character has the name "OTIS" carved into the handle, Paxton stated that he wanted the axe to have its own personality and to be unique. He found the name in Pasadena when he was there scouting for locations to film. Paxton met a homeless man and offered to give him some money. The homeless man did not want charity, so Paxton instead offered to buy the use of the man's name for his movie. The homeless man's name was Otis.

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