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Wednesday 28 November 2018



TRIVIA: According to the DVD commentary with Josh Hartnett and Lucy Liu, Lindsey's reaction when she walks in on Slevin with his towel open is real. The scene was scripted, but Josh Hartnett actually flashed Lucy Liu without telling her prior to filming.

Josh Hartnett (Slevin) lived with Screenwriter Jason Smilovic and his girlfriend in New York City while the script was being written. Smilovic said that he thought of having Slevin wear a towel a lot of the time because he saw Hartnett in one so often. More so it added a vulnerable quality to Slevin.

Lucy Liu said in a "Making of" featurette, that she had more fun making this movie than any of her other movies.

In promotional material for this movie, Sir Ben Kingsley's credit included his knighthood. At first, the actor was singled out for some criticism, as such things are usually omitted from professional credits. It transpired that this was a mistake by a studio executive, who was unfamiliar with the British honors system.

Paul McGuigan: The hand X-ray in the coroner's office is the director's hand. 

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