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Sunday 7 April 2019



TRIVIA: The primary reason the film was able to be done on such a modest budget was due to a generous tax break from the Dutch government.

Val Kilmer's next role was as the infamous porn legend John Holmes in Wonderland(2003). In order to secure Kilmer's participation, he was allowed to grow out his hair during the filming of this movie. 

The studio did not cast any character as a lead. Director Renny Harlin wanted no dummy characters or obvious victims and established a sense that "anyone could die at any moment" in the film.

A large part of the movie was filmed on the location where the Dutch anti riot police (Mobiele Eenheid) is trained. It's a fake village where riots are simulated. There are still some traces of the movie. For instance, there still hangs a large poster on a wall, as can be seen in the movie.

DIRECTOR CAMEO: Renny Harlin: a mannequin holding a phone in a phone booth late in the film.

DIRECTOR TRADEMARK: Renny Harlin: [Finland] When the others leave Vince and Gabe alone in the basement room, Finland's flag is seen on the wall

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