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Sunday 14 February 2016


TRIVIA: One of the books that Liesel read to Max when he was sick is actually the book The Book Thief itself, containing the sentence: "what came to her then was the dustiness of the floor, the feeling that her clothes were more next to her than on her, and the sudden realisation that this would all be for nothing".

When first arriving at the school, a large poster with many faces can be seen. This is a replica of an accurate period piece, a poster depicting the "ideal" Aryan phenotypes according to the region. Painted by two artists with racial obsession, these posters were placed in every school, and students are forced to memorize them.

The Gravedigger's Handbook, The Dog Named Faust, The Lighthouse, The Shoulder Shrug, The Whistler, The Mud Men, The Standover Man, The Dream Carrier, A Song in the Dark, Under the Cherry Tree, The Tenth Lieutenant, The Last Human Stranger and The Rules of Tommy Hoffman were books Liesel got her hands on in the novel, but they were not real books; Markus Zusak made them up because he liked the sound of the titles and each one referred to problems that Hitler's oppressive tactics caused.

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