Saturday, 29 August 2015

FILM 1367: SPY

TRIVIA: Star Melissa McCarthy has said that the film is the most physically taxing she has ever done. McCarthy has said of the mis-haps and accidents that befell her during the making of the movie: "Running, jumping, falling. I've cracked my head, I have cuts and bruises. At the end of the day I look like I fell down an elevator shaft. But I wear those wounds and thrown discs with a bit of pride". Stunt Co-ordinator J.J. Perry has also said: "We have a great stunt double (Luci Romberg) for Melissa, but once we saw how good Melissa was we were able to ask even more of her." Perry has also praised McCarthy's s impressive ability to learn and retain choreography, saying, "She was in there with some heavy-hitting action stars, which can be intimidating, but she more than held her own. Her work ethic is outstanding".

Screenwriter Paul Feig, who once was an aspiring stuntman himself, is a fan of Jason Statham's action movies. Feig tailored Statham's Rick Ford character in the film especially for the actor to play.

According to Paul Feig, Rayna was originally a 19-year-old, and the character had to be rewritten once Rose Bryne was cast in the role.

Bobby Cannavale got involved in the film because his girlfriend, Rose Bryne, joined the cast as Rayna.

Susan Cooper (Melissa McCarthy) used two wrestling moves in this movie. They were Hurricanrana and German Suplex.

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