Saturday, 19 September 2015


TRIVIA: The film was shot in 28 countries for four years. According to the director no stages were ever used, only existing locations.

According to his Facebook profile, Peter Jackson decided to cast Lee Pace as King Thranduil in the 'Hobbit' trilogy, after seeing his performance in this movie.

Darwin's monkey "Wallace" is a reference to the naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace who independently developed the idea of natural selection. Darwin and Wallace presented the theory together, but due to the publication of "On the Origin of Species" Darwin usually gets sole credit for the theory. The scene on Butterfly Island when Darwin closes Wallace in the sack and says " we.... I have an idea" alludes to him taking sole credit for ideas that were not completely his own.

The cinematic poster for this movie is based on the Salvador Dali painting, "1935_03_Face of Mae West Which May Be Used as an Apartment", circa 1935.

One of the significant plot developments - Alexandria's misinterpreting the letter E as the number 3 in a note written by Roy - was derived from an accidental misreading by the 6 year old actress during filming, which the director then realized he could adapt into a clever twist in the story.

The magic word "Googly" that Alexandria repeats in the movie is also the name of the production company.

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