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Sunday 12 March 2017


TRIVIA: In his interview with François Truffaut, Alfred Hitchcock said he was so impressed with the performance of Anita Björk in Miss Julie (1951) that he hired her for this movie. However, when she arrived in Hollywood, Bjork brought her lover, writer Stig Dagerman, and their baby daughter. Since they were not married, Warner Bros. insisted that Hitchcock find another actress for the role of Ruth Grandfort, in this case Anne Baxter.

Alfred Hitchcock, as was his custom, created detailed storyboards for each scene. He could not understand Montgomery Clift's Method acting technique and quickly became frustrated with Clift when he blew take after take for failing to follow Hitchcock's instructions.

In an interview in which Alfred Hitchcock discussed his difficulty with Method actors, he was asked if he had difficulty with Montgomery Clift, Hitchcock said: "Well, yes. I was shooting a scene in Quebec. And he was playing a part of a priest who had just been acquitted of a murder but was being, sort of, booed and stoned outside of the courthouse. And then the action of the film was to go across the street into the Le Chateau Frontenac Hotel."

"Well, I wanted him to look up ... to the crowd and up to the people leaning out of the window. Well, I had also put on the facade of the building the big, gold letters of the word "Hotel" so the audience would know where they were going, into a hotel. And he said, "I don't think I would look up." And I said, "Well, you better look up or else!"

DIRECTOR CAMEO: Alfred Hitchcock: crossing the top of a staircase during the opening sequence.

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