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Sunday 7 May 2017


13 episodes were produced, but the show was canceled after only four episodes had aired. Afterwards, attempts were made to interest another network in airing the remaining nine episodes, which would have made the show one of, if not the first, American series to change networks midway through its first season. Ultimately, these efforts were unsuccessful, though the entire series was later released on DVD. 

Caroline Dhavernas normally speaks with a French-Canadian accent and had to take lessons in order to adopt a more American tone of voice for the role.

Kerry Washington was originally cast in the role of Mahandra, but was recast after shooting her scenes for the pilot. The role was recast (and that episode's scenes were reshot) with Tracie Thoms.

Though the show (and the titular shop) are supposedly set on the American side of the border, every exterior shot of Niagara Falls is obviously taken from the Canadian side. The city of Niagara Falls, New York is often seen across the Niagara River which divides the province of Ontario from the state of New York.

Several writers from the show provided voices for the muses.

Adam Scott was originally cast in the role of Aaron Tyler.

Lee Pace would later go on to star in another series created by Bryan Fuller, Pushing Daisies.

Caroline Dhavernas would later go on to star in another series created by Bryan Fuller, Hannibal.

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