Friday, 17 November 2017

THE FALL (2013-2016)

TRIVIA: Gillian Anderson declared that Stella Gibson is her favourite among all of the characters she has performed, even more than Scully from The X-Files (1993).

All of the episodes names are borrowed from lines in John Milton's epic poem "Paradise Lost".

Jamie Dornan was born in the same city where the story develops (Belfast, Northern Ireland).

Jamie Dornan originally auditioned for the part of a police officer.

Many characters are named after guitars or things related to that world, like makers (ex. Spector, Burns, Stagg). Smith (named for Paul Reed Smith or PRS guitars). Benedetto (taken from a jazz guitar company). Stella Gibson is actually a double guitar name.

Emmett J Scanlan and Bronagh Waugh previously played brother and sister in Hollyoaks(1995). They left the show at the same time to appear in this show together.

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