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Wednesday 28 November 2018



TRIVIA: At one hour and fifty-eight minutes, this is not only the longest Pixar movie to date, but also the longest computer-animated movie to date, breaking Cars's record as longest Pixar film, which was one hour and fifty-seven minutes.

A typo on the movie theater marquee shown towards the end of the movie reads "A113", one of the most famous recurring Easter Eggs. Several Pixar producers and animators studied at California Institute of the Arts in classroom A113 and this number appears in every Pixar film.

HIDDEN MICKEY: The spirals on Screenslaver's hypnosis machine form a slightly lopsided, but still recognizable Mickey Mouse.

In one scene, while Bob Parr (Mr. Incredible) is trying to help Dash with his homework, he can be seen wrangling with "New Math", describing it as making no sense at all, and exclaiming "This is Math! Why would they change Math?" New Math was a brief, dramatic change in the way mathematics was taught in American grade schools during the 1960s (the approximate time frame of the Incredibles universe) which was highly criticized and quickly fell out of favor. The relevance of this joke evolves from the frustration modern parents (and students) occasionally experience with "Common Core" mathematics.

Made more money domestically in one weekend (one hundred eighty million dollars) than Pixar's previous summer release Cars 3 (2017) earned in its entire release of twenty weeks (one hundred fifty-three million dollars).

The fourteen-year gap between the first film and this follow-up was the longest waiting time between a Disney/Pixar movie and its sequel. (Finding Dory (2016)'s thirteen-year gap was the second longest, Monsters University (2013) was the third longest with a twelve-year gap, and Toy Story 3 (2010) was the fourth longest with an eleven-year gap.)

This was Pixar's twentieth feature film.

The background of the News Set Is an exact replica of that used in Broadcast News, which starred Holly Hunter.

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