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Saturday 29 December 2018



TRIVIA: A Black Mirror (2011) interactive film, in which the viewer chooses the plot direction multiple times. Although the listed running time is 90 minutes, this is approximate depending how long the viewer decides to keep watching. The total amount of footage included to make all of the film's possible variations work is 5 hours 12 minutes 13 seconds, as revealed by the film's BBFC classification.

The fax sounds you hear at the end of Bandersnatch on Stefan's headphone translates to a QR code. That leads you to a website where you will find one of the games that's being shown in the movie.

In Colin's apartment there is a poster for Philip K. Dick's 'Ubik': a sci-fi story that deals with themes of free will and death much like Bandersnatch.

A poster that reads "METL HEDD" with a dog-like figure can be seen, a reference to the Black Mirror episode Black Mirror: Metalhead (2017), in which a woman is chased by robotic dogs after the unexplained collapse of human society.

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